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SKYRIM CHALLENGE: (Day 5) Favorite Location

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girls don’t like boys girls like the potential of an elder scrolls game where you can put stuff on surfaces in your house and it not look like a fucking tornado’s come through the next time you go back in

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i fucking love renaissance art like i saw this piece today that depicted the virgin’s immaculate conception as a tiny jesus flying in through a window on a collision course with mary’s hoo ha like





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every year at the start of university I try to re-write this book. and fail

every year at the start of university I try to re-write this book. and fail

Scotland is the kind of place where you can make a very mundane shopping list but when you go to buy stuff the supermarkets have literally 0 of your items

I have been rather productive without a major internet connection, having conjugated eight tenses (don’t ask me why there are 8 there just are), a “NVAGDAb”, person endings and pronouns, and stress/intonation-based vocative rules to my novel’s first in-world language. (There are 2 extra person endings / pronouns depending, but only one declension because FUCK DECLENSIONS seriously, and only one gender). I finished the alphabet with 39 characters (multiple vowel forms for stress/vowel length/pronunciation needs - spoken there’d just be a standard 26 letter set).

I did get a bit creative after that and made a second alphabet for another set of books, which is much quirkier but somehow easier to remember. They’re both far from finished but it’s been fun to get back into world-building.

TalkTalk has added an extra line into my address.

Don’t even know if my flat is the one they’re going to be sending the connection to :I

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