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sorry about the selfies but my hair wasn’t 100% shit

Pick your class [mage, warrior, rogue]

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pymdrake replied to your post “[[MOR] Can’t tell if its amazing or depressing that literally…”

Dude, I know i’ve only read your fanfics and not your “big projects” or anything, but you’re writing’s incredible, you’re gonna go far with that :o

Nah my fanfics are literally shit IMO compared to the books, (I have half a mind to scap a load of fanfic lol), I’m just also literal shit for not finishing either yet lmao

just going through your friend’s tumblr and casually liking all of their posts


i’m going to play skyrim today for the first time in ages because I miss my characters and need to talk more about them with zethian again

chapter 3 of my fic totally coming soon lmfao


also oh my god yessssss we need to just fucking talk more about TES and OCs and shit like the sad fucking nerds we truly are inside~

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i need a da:o mod where the first time you encounter morrigan she just yells “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP”

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What do grey wardens do when there aren’t darkspawn running amok?

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