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May the Maker watch over you in these dark times ahead of us.

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watching ouran high school host club for the first time and

the ultimate yaoi hand

Badass character introductions Justice 7/?

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Just bought these gorgeous new dice~
I’ve been searching for the ones on the left (Q-Workshop) for weeks, they’re always out of stock everywhere, but today they had ONE set in stock and I jumped on it. The ones on the right (Chessex) are one of my fave colour schemes.

Redbubble now do duvet covers which mean I can totally design my own Garrus-themed bedsheets lmao


The decision to record our DnD sessions and turn them into podcast type things was amazing because now we have 3 hours of discussion about Ann Robinson as a dominatrix in an orgy, Robin Thicke supporting Hamas, and Ben’s halfling sleeping with his uncle’s sugar daddy before accidentally insulting his aunt’s new lover in an armour shop

And zethian's elf's attempt at patching things up between them involved rolling a 1 and spraying breast milk for 2 hours in a halfling's barn

So much crying in that recording. NO idea how my elf making conversation with a halfling resulted in her becoming an ambulatory tit cannon, but tbh this whole quest is just comedy-themed so I’m not even gonna question it.

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